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 Chemical Services and Supplies

Chemical Services and Supplies

Oxygen Gas Plants Manufacturer India

PR: 0
BDM India Manufacturer and Suppliers of Industrial Oxygen Gas Plants, Oxygen Plants, Medical Oxygen Plants and Cryogenic Liquid Plants suppliers from India. ... Read more

Aqueous degreaser cleaner | Acid corrosion inhibitor

BAY-CHEM is hi-tech Speciality Chemical Formulations Manufacturing Unit established in the year 1996.This is being driven by its own Research & Development wing ... Read more

Moisture Absorber - Desiccare, Inc. Desiccants

PR: 5
Desiccare, Inc. is industry leader in controlled atmospheric packager that provides desiccants and moisture absobents to industry and consumers such as montmorillonite clay, silica gel, molecular ... Read more

Polycoat Products

PR: 4
Polycoat Products, headquartered in Santa Fe Springs, California specializes in the manufacturing and custom formulating of high performance, monolithic, protective polyurethanes, polyurea, and ... Read more

Ultimate Linings

Ultimate Linings 6630 Roxburgh, Suite 175
Houston TX 77041
713 937-0065
PR: 4
Not all GeoTextiles are the same! Ultimate Linings® LTD., (UL) a leader in the development and application of protective coatings & linings has composed beneficial information that promises to be very ... Read more

Epoxy Resins| Specialty Chemicals| Textile Dyes Manufacturers & Suppliers

PR: 3
Royce Colors is the leading epoxy resins, color compounds and textile dyes manufacturer & supplier in US. Royce International offers an extensive line of specialty chemicals, curing agent and reactive ... Read more

Activated Alumina Balls

PR: 3
Activated Alumina Balls - Activated Alumina manufactured by Sorbead has a very wide surface area of 415 Sq meters per gram and can absorb water in very large quantities without disintegration. It can ... Read more